Week Three Check In

Here I am after my third weigh in. Did I lose any weight? Did I put weight on? Had anything changed?
Good news is.. yes I lost weight.. another kilo! I am now 123kg (according to the scales at home.) I had a doctors appointment today, and when I told her I had lost over 5kg she was shocked that I had lost so much in 3 weeks. It is not often I surprise her! She had some lovely vampire blood test results for me. Unfortunately these were not all good. My sugar levels are fine, as are my iron and a few others things. But my Vitamin D levels are a little low.. more sunshine for me. My cholesterol is a bit on the high side, with low levels of the good bits. My triglycerides are high too.. which is apparently tied to sugar. I do not really add sugar to much, so I can only assume this is due to sugar in foods, like bread.
I will redo these tests in 6 months and we will see how it is going.
I am very happy with the weight loss, especially as this was a very tough week where I felt emotionally battered and drained. I am very proud of myself for avoiding my usual comfort eating, choosing instead to snack on healthier options.
Now we head into Week 4.


Happy Holidays

I dont think I have ever actually done a Christmas/Holiday greeting blog post before. I wonder if there is a formula, things one is supposed to say? So I will have to wing it as best I can.
The holiday season is a difficult one for me, many memories that I would rather forget, however I have children and I believe that they deserve to have Christmas memories that are good and worth remembering. But in our family our focus is not on having a huge feast, or getting lots of ridiculously expensive presents. Our focus is quite simply being together. A couple of years ago my gifts to my kids were Ambulance cover and a new working home phone. Most years they get clothes.. yes jocks and socks. And you know what, they appreciate it. They understand that the thought is more important than the cost.
So my Christmas wish for all, is that you get joy from the little things at this time of year… the joy on the face of a child catching sight of Santa, the hug from a distant relative, the smile from a loved one, the sound of ripping paper and laughter. For one day put aside the anger over a harsh word, the stress of financial worries, the past events that taint family get togethers and be thankful for the good things you do have.
Being thankful is something one should try to do everyday, but I am more than well aware of how difficult that can be… so make an extra special effort to make sure you have at least one shining day.
From me and all my family…
Happy Holidays, may joy be with you.
HaffinaCreations 🙂

A new adventure

So here we are at the beginning of October, the beginning of daylight savings in Australia, the beginning of the onset of the silly season. I am also at the beginning of a new venture, or adventure as the case may be. But as with all beginnings, something must end.

In this case the end is signified by the closing of three of my online stores. My Madeit.com.au store never really got off the ground properly, and after not paying any listing fees on ArtFire I struggled with the idea of listing and sales fees. I love that there is an Australian marketplace online, it just wasn’t working for me. I downgraded my Zibbet a couple of months ago and slowly have been moving items to HaffinaCreations on ArtFire and HAF. Again, I really just didn’t see to find my feet there and after a year or so of paying with no sales at all I decided it was time to move on. My Etsy store has gone the same way. 10 months of relisting, promoting and getting involved with the community there brought no sales and that, along with my displeasure at the way certain things were handled by admin there, resulted in my deciding to close up shop.

In the end what really happened is that HaffinaAgain ceased to be. All three of the stores I closed were actually HaffinaAgain. I did make some good friends and contacts through these outlets, and I don’t regret trying them out, but it has solidified for me how much more comfortable I am on ArtFire, and on HAF.

So with that ending, what is the beginning? Well, let me introduce you to my new studio on ArtFire, along with HaffinaCreations and BeadsByHaffina.

Haffina’s Minis is my newest venture, an outlet for my obsession with miniatures. I have begun to build quite a collection of pieces that I have made that fit the miniatures category, and I have plans for many more. If you have been reading this blog you will know I like tiny things, and I like to make tiny things, so it seemed a natural next step. Haffina’s Minis will have a range of items, from polymer clay food and other polymer clay miniatures to furniture, home decor and clothing. I have even managed to pique my mum’s interest enough for her to consider doing miniature cross stitch and embroidery to be made into cushions and the like. Now the store is very new and not well stocked so far, but in time it will fill up even more, so make sure to check it out regularly.

Now, just a final add on. October will mark the return of my Crazy Cinematic Challenge. I WILL create at least one piece specifically for the challenge this month..so stay tuned.

Crazy Cinematic Challenge Update for July

Oh dear, I have been very neglectful of this poor blog. My only excuse is a mixture of busyness and offline distraction..5 kids will do that to you!

However, as July draws to a close I do have another piece completed for my Crazy Cinematic Challenge, although its wasn’t entirely created for this purpose. The Polymer Clay Smoosher’s Guild has a monthly challenge, and the latest one has been ‘Space’. Now as part of this challenge I created some awesome cabochons, that I then used to create a necklace. The necklace earnt itself the name ‘Trek Through The Stars’. Now, can you tell which movie title I am using it for?

Come on now, it’s pretty obvious.

Star Trek, people. Now it isn’t assigned to any one movie, but more a homage to all the movies and the television series’ too.

I’m guessing you would like to see it?

I am very proud of this piece and how it came out in the end. I think it is a fitting tribute to the wonderful world of Star Trek.

Crazy Cinematic Challenge – Part 1

Not even a week has passed since I decided to embark on this crazy challenge, and I already have something to show. I spent several days pondering ideas and feeling very uninspired and unmotivated. But I had the strong urge to create. So I pulled out some focal pieces and held them in my hand. Still nothing. Then I looked at my collection of Artisan Lampwork beads trying to see if anything stood out when suddenly I spied a critter amongst the beads. A cute Glasstastic Treasures critter and the muse checked back in.

'Ghost' Necklace

Close up of the gorgeous 'Ghost' bead

Yes, it is ‘Ghost’. Not at all in the tone of the movie itself, but certainly befits the theme.

But my muse wasn’t done with me yet. A dainty bracelet evolved on my beading mat.

'Frailty' bracelet

I’ve never actually seen the movie ‘Frailty’, but this bracelet seems to fit the theme to my mind. A lucky piece of photography helps enhance the feel.

I have some ideas for some of the other titles, some of which will be long term projects, so keep an eye out for more.


Yes,  a post about bugs..both good bugs and bad bugs.

First to the bad bugs..  I have one.. or several million.. and I feel horrid. It started with vague nausea, then chills, then a temperature and lots of tiredness. In fact I spent the best part of one day in bed. The second day I felt slightly better, but instead of chills I was sweating like anything on a really cold day. Today is day three. I dont have a temperature anymore, but my stomach is still roiling. Each time I eat or drink I get a wave of nausea. And I have stomach cramps, like the kind you get after throwing up, only I havent thrown up. And my head feels weird, bit like being light headed. Not the most pleasant 3 days I’ve ever had.

But now on to good bugs. The Polymer Clay Smooshers have a challenge every month, and this month the challenge is ‘Bugs’. This challenge inspired me to construct a ladybug cane, which I then used to make a few things. I also made a big Happy Bug.

Big Happy Bug Cabochon

Ladybug Earrings

Ladybug Mini Jar

I also made a pair of ladybug buttons, which I havent listed or added to the challenge.

Ladybug Buttons

So some bugs are good, and some are not so good. Let’s hope for a lot more of the good bugs.