A farewell.. of sorts.

This is the final blog post for this blog.

It isn’t my final blog post ever, just for this blog. I am trying to streamline my life more, and this means cutting back on certain things. So I have decided to only have one blog. Much as I like the WordPress for many things, Blogspot suits my needs more. And no I’m not going to pay to self host WordPress. 🙂

So, if you would like to continue to read my sporadic ramblings be sure to follow me at my other blog.


Orthodontic Overture

Dentists… an interesting breed. I had the ‘joy’ of spending an extended period of time at a dental hospital recently whilst my son had bands put on his teeth.

It happens to be a teaching hospital. You see students scurrying around learning the dental trade, whilst senior dentists instruct on everything from procedures to patient care.

Dental nurses seems to be so clued into their assigned Dentist that they know which tool is needed before it is needed. And all around there is the subtle undercurrent of fear and distaste from the multitude of patients, who mainly happen to be quite young (at least in my terms – teenagers are young).

But these dentist, orthodontists, dental technicians, dental nurses etc are dedicated. You can see they want the best for their patients, that they know the fear just the word ‘dentist’ has for some people.

Why is it that we fear them so much? Women happily present themselves to have hair violently ripped from their bodies, but will avoid sitting in a dentist chair. Men revel in slamming bodies together on the sporting field, but quake in the face of a tiny drill.

Let’s face it.. it happens inside your mouth.. the place you eat, breathe and drink through. The thing you use to talk. Inside your skull. Pain inside your head is awful. Having people inflict pain inside your head is horrible. But honestly, not seeing a dentist is worse.

Bad teeth can add to other health risks, increasing infection rates. Surgeons will refuse to operate on a patient with rotting teeth because of the infection risk.

So we all need to man up and face the guy with the big moving chair… or find a way to minimise necessary visits. Brush, floss and have regular check ups. Go on… all of you…. but not me… scares the beejeebers out of me!