Find your Calling.

Over the last week or so I have spent a bit of time in and around medical facilities whist my dear Grandpa has various treatments and appointments.
He is very lucky to be cared for by some very dedicated doctors and nurses who look past his advanced age and give him the same care and attention that they give much younger patients.
You see, Grandpa is 94 years and 5 months old. He has lived a long and full life and I have noticed on occasion that some wonder why they should bother ‘fixing’ anything when he is ‘not long for this world’.
But these nurses and doctors are dedicated to tending patients young and old to the very best of their ability. They don’t see a decrepit old man, they see a human in need.

There is nowhere this is more obvious than the Day Oncology department of Cabrini (the hospital my Grandfather has spent a lot of time in recently). Many people come through their doors every day, and many spend quite some time sitting quietly receiving treatment.
The nurses, whilst extremely busy, take the time to chat to their patients, answer their questions and tend to their needs. This helps to make what can be a quite distressing situation just a little easier to bear.

Which brings me to the reason for this post.
For these nurses and doctors caring for the sick and injured is a calling. It has nothing to do with money and everything to do with the personal fulfillment that their job gives them. Knowing that they have helped just a little in someone’s life at an awful time.
And this makes me think of myself, and my many crafting/artistic/creative friends and how it can be a calling, a deep, intense need to contribute to our world in a creative way, a positive way.
Sure, there are those that create to make money, as there are those who do medicine to make money. But personally I think they are far outweighed by those who invest their heart and soul.
For me creating is a calling. I derive enormous personal fulfillment from ever piece I create, every word I craft, every idea that becomes reality. And whilst I love to sell my items, share my work, to those that appreciate it, I would do it regardless.

Unfortunately we live in a world where people need money to live, and personal fulfillment is not high on the list of ‘necessities’.
What a wonderful world it would indeed be if we could all do that which is our calling, and make a fair living from it. I hope one day to be in that position.
For now I will continue to create, to answer my calling as much as I can. I can only hope that I can touch the life of some, as the doctors and nurses who care for my Grandfather have touched mine.


2 Responses to “Find your Calling.”

  1. Dana Jones Says:

    Those were such beautiful words. Sorry your grandfather is sick. My thoughts and prayers are with him and your family. How wonderful to live to be 94 yrs old, just amazing…
    I agree with what you said. I too would be doing my craft whether I sold anything or not. I’m disable and it started out as just something to do with my time since I’m home all the time. Things started piling up everywhere and I thought why not try selling online, one to help thin some of it out and tow if I did sell anything that would be a blessing and give a little spending money. It has now taking on a life of it’s own. I’m even now doing some shows. I love what I do and I hope the people that have bought from me love what they get, I have to assume they do because I have a lot of repeat buyers.
    Thank you for writing such a wonderful blog and I wish the best for your grandfather….(((HUGS)))

  2. Creative Cove Says:

    What a beautiful thought Haffina! You have expressed the heart of an artisan so well.

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