Happy Holidays

I dont think I have ever actually done a Christmas/Holiday greeting blog post before. I wonder if there is a formula, things one is supposed to say? So I will have to wing it as best I can.
The holiday season is a difficult one for me, many memories that I would rather forget, however I have children and I believe that they deserve to have Christmas memories that are good and worth remembering. But in our family our focus is not on having a huge feast, or getting lots of ridiculously expensive presents. Our focus is quite simply being together. A couple of years ago my gifts to my kids were Ambulance cover and a new working home phone. Most years they get clothes.. yes jocks and socks. And you know what, they appreciate it. They understand that the thought is more important than the cost.
So my Christmas wish for all, is that you get joy from the little things at this time of year… the joy on the face of a child catching sight of Santa, the hug from a distant relative, the smile from a loved one, the sound of ripping paper and laughter. For one day put aside the anger over a harsh word, the stress of financial worries, the past events that taint family get togethers and be thankful for the good things you do have.
Being thankful is something one should try to do everyday, but I am more than well aware of how difficult that can be… so make an extra special effort to make sure you have at least one shining day.
From me and all my family…
Happy Holidays, may joy be with you.
HaffinaCreations 🙂


2 Responses to “Happy Holidays”

  1. Debbi Says:

    Lovely!! it s so true!! My Mom and I have purchased a few things for one another – but tonight (our tradition of opening 1 present on christmas eve) I got jammies and she got a sonicare toothbrush lol – some may think it silly but we giggled and are very happy with the gifts (hugs)

  2. Valorie Speakman Says:

    Yes, Christmas is really about spending time with family & friends, giving instead of getting, reflecting on & appreciating what we have & not expecting anything in return! Love this post ! thanks for the reminder!

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