Encouraging the next generation.

As some of you who have followed me for a while will know, I have children. Five of them to be exact. The 4 oldest are all males, and the littlest is a girl who seems to rule the house, but that is another story.
My children have been watching me create for years, along with my mum, and often ask to try things out. My mum has taught them knitting and cross stitch, whilst I give tips on drawing, perspective, painting and on occasion allow them to access parts of my ‘stash’.

Recently the ‘middle’ child asked if he could make some jewellery, in fact he had been hounding me a bit about it, because it had been probably a year since he last had been granted access to the hoard. I was busy creating myself, so I said yes and handed him a container of ‘mixed’ Czech pressed glass beads and other bits.
As he designed and strung he would come and show me, and I was pretty impressed, his ‘style’ has improved. A couple of times I made suggestions on what I thought would work better or be more appealing. Then when he was done I finished the pieces off for him.

During my next photography session I took photos of his pieces and then listed them in his section of HaffinaCreations (yes, he has his own category, as do his two older brothers).
A few of my artisan friends saw his pieces and frankly they were really impressed, he shows a definite talent, his eye for balance is great. When I told him and showed him the comments that had been made he was so chuffed.

My main reason for this blog post is not to toot his or my own horn, but to encourage all parents to encourage their children to find their talents. Give them a helping hand, show pride in their achievements, they are the artisans and crafts people of the future. Educate them in how to show off their creations in a positive and constructive way, help them build confidence to take the scary steps of going public with what they are doing.


2 Responses to “Encouraging the next generation.”

  1. Deb @ Crysallis Says:

    very VERY good idea!! And I still say this child of yours got great potential!! So maybe next time I’ll need to send you beads then another separate package in there marked for kid who strung huh? heh…..


  2. Teri Landow Says:

    I do the same thing with my boys. At three years old, one laid out a beautiful necklace, he picked the clasp and everything. I love encouraging them to create!

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