Props to the Postie

We all read lots of stories about dreadful customer service and being let down, ripped off, disregarded etc etc.
Well today is different, today I am going to write a blog about my local post office and its all good.
I live in an area that was semi-rural, but in recent times has had something of a growth boom..the little country town is turning into something more like a suburb. Quite often when that happens a lot of the services lose their ‘personal’ touch, their customer report.
I am happy to say that that is not happening everywhere in my town.
Take the local post office… the only post office in what is a fairly large town now. They are pretty busy most of the time, but that doesnt stop them from looking after their customers. If Im expecting a parcel and it hasnt arrived when I thought it should have, they will do an extra check for me. They often give my daughter something to play with to keep her occupied or happy..I’ve been given books and stickers and balls.. for free.
Today took the prize though..and I wasnt the one on the receiving end of the fabulous service.
A lady came into the post office with a huge box to be posted. It wasnt very heavy, but the box was pretty big… about 16 cubic litres I think they said. Anyway, because of the size of the box the postage was going to be expensive…especially for the weight. The lady said that there wasnt really much in the box, but it was the only one she could find to fit the length of the item in it… and even then it was longer than the item.
So instead of charging her for all that empty space, Mike (postal worker – fab guy) opens the box, takes out the item, then proceeds to cut the box down to a smaller size, tapes it back together and puts the item back in.
He didnt have to do it, and it cost the post office money, but for me it was one of the most heartwarming things I’ve seen in a while. This type of amazing customer service is something I think deserves recognition. His bosses probably arent happy.. but whilst that one act might have cost them a few dollars in postage, it certainly has ensured my custom, and will be passed via word of mouth to others..which is the best advertising a business can receive in my book.
So to the folk at my local post office..thank you, many businesses could learn a thing or two from your customer service.