The other day I was chatting with my gem queen, Deb from Crysallis Gems, whilst I was swimming in ‘da bukkit’ (nickname for the most gorgeous, sparkly treasure trove ever!). I had come across some darling little gemstone cabochons. By little I mean 6mm and 7mm across. Now as obsessed as I am with miniatures I wondered if I could turn these little marvels into miniature jewellery by beading around them.

Deb, as usual, thought I was nuts!

Last night I was lying in bed when I remembered that I had a couple of small faux opal cabochons that someone had gifted me. I had pretty much ignored them because they were too small for the type of jewellery I was making at the time. Now these cabs are bigger than Deb’s babies, but are small enough to give a good idea if a beaded cab this size is feasible.

So today I sat down to try it out. I grabbed some 15/o seed beads, fireline and a scrap of Ultrasuede (I knew I kept the tiny bits for a reason!). Fast forward a hour or two and I now have a Barbie sized beaded cabochon with spiral rope necklace, finished with a ‘beaded toggle’.

Excuse the quality of the pictures, but I was very eager to share and snapped a few quick shots. And excuse the state of undress of the Barbie model – her owner (3yrs old) believes Barbie does not need clothing.LOL


4 Responses to “Success!”

  1. Jamie Says:

    I can’t even see anything that small. Those are just beautiful! You are awesome 😉

  2. Teri Landow Says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! I worship at your feet, you are a GODDESS!!! Truly working miracles.

  3. Deb @ Crysallis Says:

    ah seriously, I still think you’re nuts!! But this is worth all the efforts (if there’s any on your part!)

    Gorgeous!! And I love the idea of decorating barbie even further even when their weardrobe is already twice more decent than mine!!!

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