A Mishmash of Mutterings

We are nearly halfway through September and I am finally back here to make another post. There are a few things to catch up, so this post will be a mash-up.

Firstly, I have not forgot my Crazy Cinematic Challenge… it just went on hiatus for August.. and probably September. August was a very tough month for me and I am just beginning to make my way back to full speed.

For those who may not have read earlier posts, my best friend passed away right at the end of July.. I didnt hear until just into August. It came as a huge shock to me, and I have struggled to come to terms with it. Attending her funeral helped a little to face it and start the grieving process properly.

Then the day after my friend’s funeral my mum had to get one of her little dogs put down. Annie, a Jack Russell Terrier, was quite an old lady, around 15yrs old in human years. She survived two run-ins with motor vehicles in her life, resulting in bladder issues, as well as becoming blind and deaf. Her ‘sister’ Tilly (Miniature Fox Terrier) is slowly adjusting to life without her friend. It was quite difficult for my mum, and for our whole family.

A couple of days after that my mum returned to Melbourne to continue caring for my terminally ill grandfather. She literally visited for about 18 days, long enough to kick the house into gear and support me through the funeral. I miss having her around, but I also take comfort knowing she is by my grandfather’s side. His illness is progressing at a slow rate, and causing a lot of pain and discomfort. He went into respite whilst mum was over here, and ended up in hospital for a week of the 3 weeks he was meant to be there. I know sometimes my mum feels so torn, and during that week she was constantly on tenterhooks. Grandpa actually told her not to come back until she was supposed to.. he knew how much she needed a break… only it wasnt much of a break in the end. 😦

Added to all of that, after my mum left, one of my sons needed an intervention.  It is not easy to watch your 14yr old drowning himself in drugs and alcohol for no apparent reason. We stepped in fairly early, but it is still a very difficult process for everyone and it is still very early days..even if to him it feels like ‘ages’.

So we managed to progress through August… just. Then September arrived. The first half of September is always a bit hectic. We have Father’s Day, the twin’s 15th birthday, the anniversary of my father’s passing, the anniversary of my wedding (yes we got divorced..but we still remember it..long story LOL) and my man’s birthday… all this before the middle of the month. And later in the month is my Grandfather’s 94th birthday.

Gosh..Im tired just reading through this, and Im thinking I need something to lighten the mood. Well… I have something.

My gorgeous daughter, 3 and a half, likes to make me toast and put on her own washing, decided to give herself a haircut. With a half broken pair of scissors she managed to take nearly 5 inches off her hair. She went from having hair hanging down her back to ear length. It isnt the first time she attacked her hair with scissors..but the other times were minor and easily hidden. This time she had done half her head before anyone noticed. So I trimmed up the rest and took her to the hairdresser to get it tidied up. I was going to get her a haircut shortly.. just not so short LOL! She still looks gorgeous and the cut actually suits her..even if it does make her look older.

Oh and the best news ever! The Polymer Clay Smoosher’s have had a round robin box travelling around. Well, somewhere between Germany and Australia it vanished. We frankly had given up hope, it was nearly 3 months without sighting. Then the day I took the little one for her haircut I went to the post office and found a card in the box telling me there was a parcel to collect. When the post lady put this box on the counter I just kind of stared at it, thinking ‘Im not expecting anything like this’, when suddenly it twigged! And there was indication it was from Germany and then I was standing there flapping my mouth like a fish! Inside was a smorgasbord of polymer clay goodies from my polymer clay buddies, including a special delivery from Coltpixy. To say we were all delighted it showed up is an understatement! Below is a pic of the pieces I chose from the box before adding my own pieces and sending it on its way.

And here is a picture to show how amazing Coltpixy is. On the right is the first bread basket she made for me.. really cool in its own way.  On the left is the second one she made when she figured out a way to weave the polymer clay. Absolutely amazing. If you are wondering on the size check the picture of my daughter above..she is holding them.

I must remember to take a photo of the baskets with my miniatures breads in them.. as well as showing you the other Coltpixy goodies I now have!

Anyway, this is a really long blog post now.. almost an essay really..so if you have stayed this long, well done! Hopefully I wont be away for as long next time.