Crazy Cinematic Challenge – Part 1

Not even a week has passed since I decided to embark on this crazy challenge, and I already have something to show. I spent several days pondering ideas and feeling very uninspired and unmotivated. But I had the strong urge to create. So I pulled out some focal pieces and held them in my hand. Still nothing. Then I looked at my collection of Artisan Lampwork beads trying to see if anything stood out when suddenly I spied a critter amongst the beads. A cute Glasstastic Treasures critter and the muse checked back in.

'Ghost' Necklace

Close up of the gorgeous 'Ghost' bead

Yes, it is ‘Ghost’. Not at all in the tone of the movie itself, but certainly befits the theme.

But my muse wasn’t done with me yet. A dainty bracelet evolved on my beading mat.

'Frailty' bracelet

I’ve never actually seen the movie ‘Frailty’, but this bracelet seems to fit the theme to my mind. A lucky piece of photography helps enhance the feel.

I have some ideas for some of the other titles, some of which will be long term projects, so keep an eye out for more.


Crazy Cinematic Challenge

So I keep hearing about all these different crafty type challenges that people get involved with, and whilst I find them all interesting none had really grabbed me. Then I had this idea to do my own challenge. I started off with the idea of asking my friends for a list of their favourite movie, aiming to get 12 movies, one for each month of the year. Well, it turns out a lot of my friends are movie buffs and instead of a list of 12 movies I ended up with a list of 90 movies! So I added another 10 to make it an even hundred, and changed my initial idea of doing just 12 items over the year to an idea to see if I can make something that fits the theme of as many of the list of 100 movies as I feel like. I have not set a time limit for this challenge – because frankly it could take a couple of years – but I will aim to achieve at least one creation a month. Having so many titles to choose from could be a good thing, or maybe not..only time will tell.

Would you like to see the list? Well here goes – and thank you to all my plurkie peeps who helped with the list.

1)      Ghost
2)      Rocky Horror Picture Show
3)      Old Dogs
4)      Sabrina
5)      One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
6)      Resident Evil
7)      The 13th Warrior
8)      Willy Wonka
9)      Gone With The Wind
10)   As Good As It Gets
11)   Willow
12)   Labyrinth
13)   Bus Stop
14)   Gaslight
15)   Anger Management
16)   Are We There Yet?
17)   Meet The Fockers
18)   Basic Instinct
19)   The Beast Master
20)   Beauty Shop
21)   Because I Said So
22)   Beetlejuice
23)   An Affair To Remember
24)   Sleepless in Seattle
25)   The Birdcage
26)   When Harry Met Sally
27)   The Bone Collector
28)   Bram Stoker’s Dracula
29)   To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar
30)   Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
31)   Braveheart
32)   Giant
33)   The Butterfly Effect
34)   Big
35)   Casino Royale
36)   Catwoman
37)   Some Like It Hot
38)   Calender Girls
39)   Chain Reaction
40)   City of Angels
41)   Close Encounters of the Third Kind
42)   ET
43)   Stars Wars (any of them)
44)   The Color Purple
45)   Conspiracy Theory
46)   I, Robot
47)   The Dark Knight
48)   Camelot
49)   Death Becomes Her
50)   Derailed
51)   The Devil’s Advocate
52)   Don Juan De Marco
53)   Dangerous Beauty
54)   Dragonfly
55)   Dreamcatcher
56)   Deja Vu
57)   Earthsea
58)   Failure to Launch
59)   The Fifth Element
60)   Forces of Nature
61)   The Day After Tomorrow
62)   The Lake House
63)   Pirates of the Caribbean (any of them)
64)   A Clockwork Orange
65)   Airplane
66)   The Abyss
67)   Fantasia
68)   The Birds
69)   Dirty Dancing
70)   Dances With Wolves
71)   Uphill All The Way
72)   Maverick
73)   The Crow
74)   Harry Potter (any of them)
75)   Straight Jacket
76)   Robin Hood
77)   All That Jazz
78)   Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
79)   Primal Fear
80)   Tess
81)   Memento
82)   Red Dragon
83)   Frailty
84)   American Werewolf in London
85)   Grosse Point Blank
86)   Singing in the Rain
87)   Mrs Doubtfire
88)   Casablanca
89)   Dirty Dozen
90)   Billy Jack
91)   Monsters Inc
92)   Star Trek (any of them)
93)   Hogfather
94)   Little Shop of Horrors
95)   War of the Roses
96)   Indiana Jones
97)   Jewel of the Nile
98)   African Queen
99)   Pretty Woman
100) Runaway Bride

So there you have it!  Crazy, eh?

I am more than happy for anyone else who wants to join me to do so, the more the merrier!

So stay tuned for some interesting creations over the coming months.

By the way – when I say I will use the titles to create pieces, they may not actually fit the actual movie, but rather be an interpretation of the title of the movie. And pieces will not necessarily be jewellery, chainmaille or polymer clay (my preferred techniques) – it may even provide me an excuse to try different ways of being creative.