Can you say…OWWWW!

Yes, it hurts

Yes, that is my finger. Yes, it does hurt. Yes, working with clay is dangerous! LOL

The above injury is the result of cleaning my pasta machine. It has these parts called scraper blades under the rolling cylinders. I was wiping along one with a wet wipe and pushed just a bit hard with my finger. There is a reason they are called scraper BLADES – they are sharp!

Not really the way you want to start a claying session, and having a taped up finger, especially an index finger, does hamper one a little. I didnt let it stop me though.. too pig headed LOL

But I will use this as an opportunity to remind all artisans to take care when using tools, whether they be knives, flames, needles or anything else. Accidents only take a split second, but can hurt for a lot longer.


2 Responses to “Can you say…OWWWW!”

  1. Peach360 Says:

    You better be careful next time Haff! *hugs

    ~Your plurk friend, Peach.

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