Yes,  a post about bugs..both good bugs and bad bugs.

First to the bad bugs..  I have one.. or several million.. and I feel horrid. It started with vague nausea, then chills, then a temperature and lots of tiredness. In fact I spent the best part of one day in bed. The second day I felt slightly better, but instead of chills I was sweating like anything on a really cold day. Today is day three. I dont have a temperature anymore, but my stomach is still roiling. Each time I eat or drink I get a wave of nausea. And I have stomach cramps, like the kind you get after throwing up, only I havent thrown up. And my head feels weird, bit like being light headed. Not the most pleasant 3 days I’ve ever had.

But now on to good bugs. The Polymer Clay Smooshers have a challenge every month, and this month the challenge is ‘Bugs’. This challenge inspired me to construct a ladybug cane, which I then used to make a few things. I also made a big Happy Bug.

Big Happy Bug Cabochon

Ladybug Earrings

Ladybug Mini Jar

I also made a pair of ladybug buttons, which I havent listed or added to the challenge.

Ladybug Buttons

So some bugs are good, and some are not so good. Let’s hope for a lot more of the good bugs.


One Response to “Bugs!!”

  1. ColtPixy Says:

    I love them all. I really love that jar and the bug cabochon!

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