Can you say…OWWWW!

Yes, it hurts

Yes, that is my finger. Yes, it does hurt. Yes, working with clay is dangerous! LOL

The above injury is the result of cleaning my pasta machine. It has these parts called scraper blades under the rolling cylinders. I was wiping along one with a wet wipe and pushed just a bit hard with my finger. There is a reason they are called scraper BLADES – they are sharp!

Not really the way you want to start a claying session, and having a taped up finger, especially an index finger, does hamper one a little. I didnt let it stop me though.. too pig headed LOL

But I will use this as an opportunity to remind all artisans to take care when using tools, whether they be knives, flames, needles or anything else. Accidents only take a split second, but can hurt for a lot longer.



Yes,  a post about bugs..both good bugs and bad bugs.

First to the bad bugs..  I have one.. or several million.. and I feel horrid. It started with vague nausea, then chills, then a temperature and lots of tiredness. In fact I spent the best part of one day in bed. The second day I felt slightly better, but instead of chills I was sweating like anything on a really cold day. Today is day three. I dont have a temperature anymore, but my stomach is still roiling. Each time I eat or drink I get a wave of nausea. And I have stomach cramps, like the kind you get after throwing up, only I havent thrown up. And my head feels weird, bit like being light headed. Not the most pleasant 3 days I’ve ever had.

But now on to good bugs. The Polymer Clay Smooshers have a challenge every month, and this month the challenge is ‘Bugs’. This challenge inspired me to construct a ladybug cane, which I then used to make a few things. I also made a big Happy Bug.

Big Happy Bug Cabochon

Ladybug Earrings

Ladybug Mini Jar

I also made a pair of ladybug buttons, which I havent listed or added to the challenge.

Ladybug Buttons

So some bugs are good, and some are not so good. Let’s hope for a lot more of the good bugs.

Miniature Madness

A few weeks ago I mentioned my growing fascination with the world of miniatures. Nothing much has changed, except that I have created a few more minatures, in different materials.

First up I created some more miniatures in polymer clay. This time around I made cakes! Im going to show my miniature cakes, and please be gentle, I know there are some things that can be improved. My kids did tell me they good enough to eat, so I am on the right track!

Red Velvet Cake with Chocolate Icing

Buttercake with Red Jelly filling and Chocolate Icing

The first is about 25mm x 11mm, the second is about26mm x 18mm (for those who wanna know how big they are). They were heaps of fun to make and I will definitely be making more.

As well as the polymer clay creations I also did some new micromaille! Yes, teeny tiny rings. Yes I am just a little bit crazy. There is a reason it is known as Insanity Maille!! LOL

So I was fiddling around and decided to make Barbie some new necklaces.

Plated Silver Micromaille Choker next to 16ga Not so Micro Maille

Excuse the photo on this one, I went to rephotograph it yesterday and one of the rings wasnt quite closed securely and it sort of broke. Normally fairly easy to fix, but not when working with 1.5mm ID rings. I will probably just make a new one.

Barbie Goth Maille

So then I made this fabulous Goth inspired number. The little dangle is a Tundura Sapphire in a very dark reddish colour. This necklace will be heading to the US soon to adorn fabulous Mod Barbie owned by friend.

Purple Twisted Spiral

This one is actually my favourite, not just because it is purple. It is simple and elegant and the easiest of the three! I have plans to make some more, including two for special friends.

I have made some non miniature stuff recently, but they can wait for another blog post.