Creations Galore!

I have done quite a bit of creation over the last few weeks, and I have been terribly slack at blogging about it. But never fear, I am here to rectify that now.

First up we have my Designer Quest entry. The Designer Quest is a competition run on All those wishing to enter buy a pack of beads from the contest sponsor, usually a choice of two packs. Then you use the beads in the pack to create your design. You can add bits and pieces if you want, but for me the challenge is to add as little as possible and just use what has been provided. This time around the bead packs were supplied by Dani from The Whimsical Bead, and included a gorgeous handmade focal made from Polymer Clay.  So do you want to see what I came up with? Well here it is.

I am really happy with the end result. The base is Right Angle Weave, which I then embellished with the flowers, leaves and Czech rounds. I added very little, except Vanish (beading thread), silver plated chain and a handmade clasp.

But this is not all I have done.

And this isnt even all of it!! A quick look in any of my stores will probably lead you in the direction of some of my other recent creations. The quickest way to find my stores is to go to my website – HaffinaCreations, where I have links to all of them.

But creation is not without its risks, and during the process of sanding some of the above polymer clay pieces I managed to sand my finger!

It is pretty much healed now, but I can tell you it was pretty painful! Which wasnt helped by it being right on the spot on my finger where I rest it on my mouse LOL

Well until my next ramble – cya.