Ya gotta love new toys!

Today I was supposed to be food shopping, but frankly I was not in the mood… mainly cos I hate food shopping. Pretty much any other shopping is fine… its just food shopping. It seems such a waste of time and energy… and money!

So anyway, instead of going food shopping, my mum and I decided we would go to Bunnings (which is a hardware store for those not in the know). Mum goes back to look after my grandpa shortly, so we thought it would be a good outing for us both!

Now Bunnings is so big they give you a map when you come through the door! But mum and I didnt explore much..in fact we only visited one section of the store.. and got just about everything we needed. The TOOLS section!

My mum wanted an Irwin, which some of you may know .. many of you probably dont! An Irwin is a brand of clamp. They are a one handed, easy to use clamp, and they come in a variety of different sizes.  And that is exactly what she got.. she got her Irwin… and she is delirious! She also got a really cool stanley knife in a pouch.. called a FatMax. Im sure she picked up a couple of other things.. but I was a bit distracted by the things I was buying!

So what did I get? Well. I got a bench vice with an anvil, I would have been happy with a bench block, but considering the price I got it at, it was cheaper to get the bench vice. Although I will probably need to sand back the anvil.. its not really all that smooth. But it was a very low price, so no complaints. I also picked up an 8oz ball pein hammer. I wanted a chasing hammer, but they didnt have any. Boo Hiss. I also picked up a pack of collets for my Dremel along with a set of drill bits for it. I needed the smallest collet available for the thinnest drill bit.. and it was a lot cheaper to buy a pack of all the different sizes than to buy just one. Last, but by no means least, I got a pack of needle files. Well actually mum bought them for me as an add on to my birthday present… which is effectively what bought these tools anyway (she gave me cold hard cash – woohoo).

So I came home and unpacked my new anvil, grabbed a piece of 14 gauge copper wire, and hit it on the anvil with the flat end of the ball pein… OMG!! It is brilliant! A few whacks and flat metal.. then I hit it a few times with the round end.. and then I have textured metal. Expect some handmade ear wires and clasps to start appearing. It was so much fun and so much easier then trying to work harden metal the way I was doing it.. dont ask…

And that was the best part of my day.. getting to spend just a bit of time in a hardware store, surrounded with power tools and accessories and all those wonderful things. Only problem was that I forgot to go to the wire area and get me some wire….