A Sale and a new Site

Hello readers.

Yes, the title is correct – I have another site – but this one isnt a selling site…yet. I bought myself a dot com and set up a hub page, ok..I’ve started to set up a hub page. It still needs a lot of work to make it better..but at least it’s a start..and now I only need to type in one address instead of about 10! So.. you can see my new site at http://www.haffinacreations.com

It has links to all my selling sites, a few pictures and soon will have links to my blogs and other favourite sites.

Now on to the Sale. And boy is it a big sale! Every HaffinaCreations store (that includes BeadsByHaffina and HaffinaAgain stores) is on sale for the whole of February. Yes that’s right..the whole of February! The discounts vary from 20% to 40% in the two ArtFire stores, whilst all other stores have 30% off everything. February is my birthday month, and I am celebrating by giving you guys the bargains.

Hopefully my next blog post will include some fabulous new creations… if I can find the time to make something.


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