It always seems to happen.

One of the most frustrating, time consuming yet fundamental areas of online selling is photos. The time it takes to set up, photograph, edit etc is incredible and the ratio of good shots to bad is appalling. Yet without good photos it is very difficult to get sales, buyers need to see what they are buying.

So I very carefully prepare myself for this essential part of my fledgling business. I set up my photo area, I turn on my daylight lamps, I put my camera on its tripod and then arrange my first shot. Then I turn on the camera….. and what do you know.. the batteries, which I only put in the last time I took photos, have decided they are flat, and the chances are the spare set of batteries are not charged!

Do you know how many times this has happened lately? I’ll tell you… every time! And by the time the batteries are charged there is no daylight to help with the lighting.

So enough of my ranting, I’m off to put batteries on charge so I can take some photos tomorrow. 🙂


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