Smashing the Block

Some days the blocks on my creativity are debilitating. A lot of the time this really isnt something that I worry about too much, as it tends to make the block even worse. But when I have deadline this is a real issue.

This has happened to me in the last couple of days. I had an article due for Now it wouldnt seem that hard to come up with 250 odd words about something craft related, but you dont really want to be repeating yourself, and you need to find a way to appeal to your readers. Which is a lot like writing a blog really.

So how do you break the block?

I wish there was an easy answer, but really there isnt. If time isnt a factor then you can probably just ride it out until the block dissipates on its own. But if time is a factor then you have to find a way to smash the block.  For me, one of the things I do when it comes to writing articles is to think about the kind of things that others ask me questions about. If something is in my field of experience it is going to be easier to write about than something that could require a lot of research. Everyone is a huge pool of information about those things of importance to them. You might not think that many would find it interesting to read about, but lots of people love to learn about what makes others tick, or like to tap into other people’s knowledge.

Everyone’s experiences are different, and that can help others see things from a new perspective.

The first article/piece after the block may not be the most amazing thing you ever wrote, but at least you put words on the page. Everyone who writes finds it difficult at times, and we have to learn to accept that sometimes the words are hard to come by. Those times of drought make the plentiful seasons all the more special.

Something else that might help is to find others who might understand. If you are a writer you might like to try out BunnyRabbitSex – dont let the name put you off, this is not a porn site. It is a forum dedicated to writers from all fields and genres. There is lots of helpful information and people willing to help out and provide support.

Ok, so just a little disclosure. I am a moderator on BunnyRabbitSex . I dont get paid, I do it voluntarily. I wouldnt recommend a site that I didnt believe in. I havent been asked to write this blog post, I do it because I want to and I think the forum is worth writing about.


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