Attempting organisation

I am fairly disorganised, which is something of an issue considering how busy I am! I currently have 6 active online stores, plus numerous blogs, forums and social networking sites that I am active on. Add to that being a guild master and writing for, and my time needs to be more organised.
So today I decided I needed to get my act together, for my own benefit, apart from the flow on benefits for others.
I wrote down all the places that need my attention each week, and then all the days of the week. Then I assigned certain places to the different days, basically attempting to evenly divide it amongst my week. Then when I was happy I printed it out and it sits next to my computer.

Chainmaille Bobble Earrings

One of the benefits of this will be that this particular blog, which tends to be sadly neglected, should have a new post every week. And as my other blog tends to mainly be features of other artisans, I decided that this blog will mainly be about me.
Dont let that stop you from reading! I will try to keep it interesting.
I will keep you up to date on how my new schedule goes, Im sure it will need some tweaking as I go along, but that is fine. It should help me be less stressed and more productive.


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