The downside of being a polymer clay artist.

Yes, there is a downside. Hot weather plays havoc with clay. If it is too hot the clay can get too sticky or horror of horrors actually begin to cure and go all dry and crumbly. It has been really hot here a couple of times over the last month or so, and as a result I have not achieved as much as I would like to have where clay is concerned.
However, along with some of my clay play buddies on, we did get some fabulous experimentation going. It started from me picking the topic of ‘Faux Techniques’ for the December monthly challenge. One of our members showed us some Faux Lampwork she had done, which was really incredible! But it started a discussion about getting a really glassy effect on the beads, to mimic the look of glass. So several of us played with lots of different products to see what produced which effect.
Well flat beads, cabs etc were fine, but round beads seem to cause lots of issues.. mainly the fault of gravity IMO. I tried using Kato Liquid Clay.. and it actually works quite well, especially if you use the ‘bead on the spit’ technique with a heat gun. Want to see what I did?

This is a round one that I started by doing thin coats in the oven then blasting with the gun to clear the clay.. it has little knobs where the clay pooled.

This one had a couple of coats with Kato in the oven, then I did the bead on the spit with the heatgun without smoothing the Kato out first. As a result it cured in ridge and bumps.. which is pretty cool. Unfortunately I also got a bit close and scorched it. But it has made it look like gold leaf instead of silver!

This is a couple of flat pieces I made at the same time with the Kato. Top one is a pendant, that I burnt a little on one side when I got a bit too close with the heat gun again. The bottom is a domed pendant which has turned out brilliantly, very faux dichro.
So whilst its harder to work with uncured clay in hot weather, it leaves lots of time for thinking and planning and dealing with the huge pile of sanding and buffing that I have to do!


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