Poor, neglected blog.

This blog is seriously neglected!
But I am back here, with all the usual intentions not to make the same mistakes, to pay more attention, to blog more often.
So what have I been doing?
Working, is the short answer. I always seem to have so many projects on the go, and things to manage. Added to my ‘home business’ workload has been some stressful events, including major surgery for a family member, and the ailing health of my grandfather.
I have managed to fit in some creative work, although my mojo has recently gone on holiday without me.
But I will put up a couple of pics, so you can see what I’ve done.

This fabulous piece is my entry into the Designer Quest recently held on beadingforum.com.au. The awesome quest pack came from Kay’s Artycles. Although I didnt win, I did have a good time creating my piece.

I also recently made a beaded doll, including a face cab that I made myself.

I have plans to do a few more in different colours.

I also recently tried my hand at making Faux Labradorite with polymer clay. It didnt quite turn out how I was hoping, but I am still fairly happy with the results.

And lastly, but so not leastly. My delightful almost 3 year old daughter was watching me set up to clay one day and ‘told’ me I had to use a certain combination of colours. I was a little concerned when I was handed orange, fuchsia and purple with a bit of white. But I am happy to say the results were amazing. I have ended up with a fabulous selection of beads, which are now known as ‘The Ebony Collection’, after my daughter.

Well that is a quick catch up on what I have been up to.
Hopefully my mojo will kick back in and I will get back to posting more.