New series of pieces.

I recently set to work creating an iris cane, from an ikat cane, from a checkerboard type is what is known as a complex cane! It was a fabulous activity, and resulted in some new pieces.
First up – the cane –
Iris cane
Really a very cool looking cane!
Next I made some beads from the ‘ends’ – the bits one smooshes up. There was quite a bit of ‘smooshed’ in the end.. which made some very cool beads and pendants..including my first attempts at a Vernal Twist. They were hugely successful vernal twists – but the beads were still cool. For the first time in a while I actually made them into jewellery instead of listing them on BeadsByHaffina.

I've Got My Eye on You
This is just a fairly simple pendant made with a slice of the iris cane, backed with black clay and then a wire wrapped bail added and strung on black leather. Would be quite wearable by both guys and girls.

This one has a great pendant that looks a lot like waves crashing on to rocks, and it finished with Amazonite, Czech crystals, miracle beads and silver findings. It is probably my favourite bead from those that I made.

Simple Swirl
This one is really simple, but effective. A very swirly pendant on an adjustable leather necklace. It can be worn with either side of the pendant showing.

Polymer clay and Kumihimo
Lovely swirly pendant, with some Amazonite and Oynx, strung on a handmade kumihimo necklace. Kumihimo is so fun to make, with so many possibilities.

I also made a couple of beads to make into earrings from the Ikat cane before I made the iris cane. I strung them with some Amazonite, Czech crystals and Swarovskis.

I have a couple more cabs that I made at the same time, both of which I have plans for – namely – one wirewrapped and the other seed beaded..I just need to sit down and do it.

There was one more thing I did with the iris cane. I have been playing around with sculpture. I wanted to do a face. My first nights work was not exactly great….


It is very very pink..but its scrap clay.. colour wasnt really a consideration. The next day I reduced a piece of my iris cane down to a very small size – about 2mm wide.. cut a couple of slices and added them to the face, then worked on the features some more. And now we have this….


Quite proud of it really. I might paint it to make it less pink, and more skin coloured.

So that is some of what I have been up too… amongst the rest of my hectic life. I really should try to blog more here.