Stress induced creativity!

It has not been a great week of so in the real world for me and my family. There was a few days when we thought that one of our clan was seriously ill. Thankfully he is now on the mend.
However the stress of waiting for test results did have at least one positive. I had to find things to occupy my mind and my hands, so I made some things.
Firstly I made some polymer clay bits and pieces..some of which I am really, really happy with.

This is one of two new pieces in HaffinaCreations on ArtFire. It was created initially in response to a monthly technique challenge on Lots of eclectic bits and pieces in it, like goldstone and magnetic hematite.

This is another new piece in HaffinaCreations on ArtFire. The colours in the pendant just called out for carnelian, and tigerseye seemed to fit as well. It is the first time I had made a bail as part of a pendant and I’m really happy with it.

I also made some really cool beadies, which I wont show you all of, cos it would probably bore you to death! But I will show you my favourites.

I haven’t listed these on BeadsByHaffina yet, but they will be soon, along with a heap of other beadies. I have spent a bit of time recently finishing some ones that have been sitting waiting for attention.

Another challenge that the had was in the Wire/Chainmaille area. We were challenged to try our hands at wire crochet. I can crochet, but hadnt ever tried it with wire before, and I feared that the wire would break really easily, being so fine. So I thought I would start by practicing with just acrylic beads. Well I was soon happy with the results of that, that I made another straight away with glass chips and bicones. I didnt try to do anything fancy, just simple chains with beads, then I plaited the chains loosely together.

This is the first with acrylic beads.

This is the second with glass chips and bicones.

I also have started using Picasa to edit pics and I have to say I am very impressed. Or maybe its just that I am getting better at taking pics, but I think that the pic with the acrylic beads looks awesome!! If only all my pics looked that good!

Stress is not a good thing, but sometimes it can be the catalyst that spawns a burst of creativity, and that is always a good thing!


One Response to “Stress induced creativity!”

  1. Andrea Says:

    They all look wonderful! Gee when I get stressed I can’t even think about being creative.

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