The saga continues….

You may remember me commenting on my battle with my computer. Well my newly upgraded computer decided to spaz out and refused to boot at all. So I had to take it back, decided to give Vista the boot (more trouble than it was worth, although I miss my snipping tool) and just stuck with XP. All well and good. So I get the computer back from the shop, fire her up, get updates, download a couple of essentials, then get set to load my camera upload program…. only to discover that the computer doesnt seem to realise it has a cd/dvd drive or the second hard drive its supposed to have. So I cannot load anything from discs.. but it was working right before I picked it up.
So I ring my computer guy and he’s like ‘you are kidding me right?’ and I’m like ‘I bloody wish!’
So I’m thinking the cd/dvd drive is stuffed… so I will prolly need a new one… which will basically mean that the only bits that will be ‘original’ will be the video card and the floppy drive… and even then I’d already had the video card upgraded LOL So I pretty much have a newish computer in an old tower… oh except for the USB ports on the front…which seem to have some kind of issue..managed to wreck my computer guys $150 drive..ooops!! Gunna gaffer tape that up… not gunna fry anything of mine!! Thankfully I have a 7 port hub so I dont really need it anyway.
Fun, eh? So added to all this milarky is me trying to take an inventory of my ‘supplies and stock’… didnt realise how much I actually had LMAO.. been at it a week (all on my own) and I’m not even half way through..mind you I havent been at it all day every day… one drawer a day basically… plus sorting out magazines, patterns etc.. barely made anything new in ages…. gotta get it done though.
Oh, oh, oh…I nearly forgot.. I opened a new storefront. Not on ArtFire this time, on another new site called Zibbet, so come check it out – HaffinaAgain.


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