Some days…

Some days it just seems so freaking complicated, or difficult and just plain trying!!
And computers just add to the stress frankly, because they make you lazy, you dont need to write down links, you just save them. You dont need to write down emails, cos you save them. You dont even need to remember all your passwords..cos it can save them. So what happens when you cant access them anymore?
Well you panic, and get flustered, and wanna bash your head against the keyboard, cos you swear its the right password to the right account!
I have spent most of my day trying to get my newly upgraded computer back to some semblance of my normality..and I’m only about halfway there..if that.
I thought they were supposed to make life easier? LOL


2 Responses to “Some days…”

  1. Greenstar Says:

    Hey Haffina! Awesome blog! I know exactly how you feel about technology. Do you have followers for your blog?

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