Christmas in July!

Yes, I have been lured into Christmas in July. I guess it makes some sense for Australians and other Southern Hempisphere countries to find it a good idea, after all..its usually 40 degrees (Celsius..that’s over 100 degrees to you Fahrenheit types, lol) and snow, ice and roast turkey aren’t usually at the forefront of your mind! Whereas July is cold.. really, really cold… like 4 degrees Celsius at night and 14 degrees during the day.. and some places are colder and some places get snow, so roast turkey and veg and all the trimmings sounds pretty good!
So on ArtFire we are having Christmas in July sales, and some guilds are organising extra promotions too, like the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild.


HaffinaCreations goes on sale from July 15th until the end of the month. I will be having 15% storewide, and I have a special Christmas Inspired category for anyone who wants to get in early and stock up for the festive season, with more to come. This will be a great time to get a head start on your Christmas shopping!


A just a gentle reminder to drop by and read my articles on I have new articles posted twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday. If you have missed any you can see them all listed on my bio, you can also subscribe to my RSS feed. And dont just read my articles, there are heaps of talented writers, and new articles are published daily.


One Response to “Christmas in July!”

  1. glasstastictreasures Says:


    Yes, I was yelling, that’s how much I love it!! Great items 🙂

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