New directions! Again!

I admit, I haven’t blogged here much lately. Been busy setting up my new studio, and writing articles for, and making new things. And I have done some experimenting that may well pay off in a great way.
I decided to try my hand at making clasps out of polymer clay. Mainly toggle clasps. So I made a few, and listed them in my new studio – BeadsByHaffina – as a jewellery component. I had had an indication of interest from a fellow artisan and guess what? She bought the first one I listed! So I had ‘pinged’ the link to it and it went to my twitter – and one of my twitter followers saw it and loved it too. The word ‘wholesale’ was bandied about. And at first this kind of freaked me out, you know, I’m just little ole me, how can I possibly do something like that?!
Then I sat down and though about it, about how I could possibly make multiples relatively quickly and easily without it being a full time job, but maintaining the integrity of individual handmade pieces. I have some ideas now, and I will experiment further to see how that plays out.
Hey, I havent shown you the clasps… here is the one the sold and a hook and eye clasp.


I am really happy with how they turned out. They have wire armatures in them to give extra strength and are varnished to help protect them.

So I have also been working on something for my buddy Jade (she is my bossette on Alundra’s Conundrum and the owner of BunnyRabbitSex – which is a writer’s forum where ideas breed like rabbits!). I made some merchandise for Alundra’s Conundrum (which I believe I blogged about before lol), and I had this idea for something for BRS.
So I looked around until I found a rabbit stamp, and then I made some mica shift pieces in polymer clay. And this is what we ended up with…


Pretty cool, eh? I’m really happy with it, especially as I have struggled with Mica shift on pastel clay. And I can tell you that Jade was very happy too!

Dont forget to drop by and see me in the Craft Techniques department of, lots of great articles, not just from me, but from all our columnists.


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