Clay Play!

I played with clay! And I had so much fun! I cant show you everything I made, cos some of them arent quite finished. I decided to try a bit of sculpture. Now I’m not really that good, but I have fun nonetheless, and I definately think I will try some more of it.
So, what did I make?
Well, I made a pig!

And I made a bead that looks something like a face, with huge lips… which has earned the nickname the ‘Angelina Bead’ thanks to a fabulous online buddie!

Slightly scary, lol!

I also covered an old baby food jar with clay.. its not great, but was an excellent exercise.

And one last thing. I just finished creating a piece for the Seed Bead challenge on the beadingforum dot com dot au, and it includes some polymer. Our theme was ‘Rock Pool’ and the piece had to use only one colour family. I made some ‘rocks’ and some ‘mica shift pools’ and then embroidered around them with lots of seedies. It is the largest seed bead piece I have done, and I am very proud of it.

Hey! Speaking of seed beads, come check out my newest article and tutorial on I did a tutorial on Even Count Peyote.

Ok, next time I will show you some new chainmaille and an experiment in clay.


One Response to “Clay Play!”

  1. Eddy G Says:

    Your pig is wonderful. it’s great to see you branching out into different things. New hobbies are, afterall, tomorrows best sellers!

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