Makes me feel good.

I’ve been having something of a rough trot lately, I’ve been sick for about a fortnight, and only just starting to get better. I’ve have also been quite drained, especially emotionally. So I took a break from it all last night.
Today I logged back on to the internet and noticed my next article had been posted on, which is always a mood booster. Then I ducked into the forum on ArtFire, and I found a thread started by one of the studios I used a image from. She was really thrilled to see her card being used, and then a few others came in and commented. One of the comments mentioned that I write a good article and I was slightly embarrassed, but also it made me feel a lot better. I think its the recognition.
I am really finding writing for very fulfilling.

On to something else that makes me feel good. A few weeks ago a forum I am a member of, Handmade Artists’ Forum, started a little competition to find a badge for a widget to help promote the site. The badge that I designed actually won! So now I get to see it all over the place. This is what it looks like…

And one more thing that makes me happy… I made this little necklace for the BeadingForum dot com dot au Year of Jewellery weekly challenge. The theme was ‘Cheeky’. It didnt win, but it makes me smile whenever I see it.

Very cheeky, LOL!


One Response to “Makes me feel good.”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Congrats on your badge winning… it is really neat!! How exciting to see something you made all over the place!

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