Big News!

I have an announcement to make. I have opened up a second ArtFire studio! Beads By Haffina is the new home of my polymer clay beads, cabochons, pendants, buttons and in the future jewellery components…yes clasps and the like made with polymer clay.
It has only just opened, but it has quite a bit of stock all ready, and I will be adding more each day. So if you make jewellery, or do other crafts that could use polymer clay items, drop by Beads By Haffina and see what’s on offer.


Also, dont forget to drop by my column on I have new articles being published twice a week, and whilst you’re there look around and read some of the other excellent articles available.


Reassessment is necessary.

Sometimes there comes a time when you need to take a good hard look at what you are doing. Work out what is working and what isnt. Work out where you can change things to make it better.
I have come to one of these points. I am super busy, and it feels like everything is work. The fun is missing somewhat. That’s not to say I dont have fun, because I do, I have some wonderful friends. However, I am not gaining as much enjoyment in what I am doing. Instead of seeing the positives in a situation I find all these negatives, and no where more so than in my art.
Part of the reason for this is that I dont do schedules very well, which is fine if everything is going well. But frankly everything isnt going well. I have now been sick, with some kind of stupid viral thing, for a month. No I dont have swine flu. It is just a cold, but it is lingering badly. This is compounded by having sick kids for three weeks as well. So this taking a toll physically. Add to that that I dont have my mum here doing all the stuff she usually does, meaning I have to do it. And I still need to meet all my other responsibilities.
I dont mind being busy, in fact I would prefer to have lots to do, I am easily bored, so having lots of different things to do means there is less time for boredom. Unfortunately it seems to got to a point where I dont want to do the work either, cos there just seems to be so much of it.
So after a long, indepth chat with my totally fabulous therapist, I realised it is time for me to get my act together. No more winging it, no more going with the flow… time to get some structure. Time to balance out the work with play better, so I dont skive off because I feel like I dont get any fun time.
So I started this process today… and now I will put it into practice.
This should mean I actually create more, because I am setting time for that, and time for the work and time for doing nothing but chilling.
Hopefully by doing all this I can find my energy again, and my joy and my excitement.
I hope to that by talking about this I can help someone else realise that sometimes you have to reassess what you are doing and how you are doing it.. because you are important.. and if you dont have you, you dont really have anything.

I will let you all know how I get along.

Clay Play!

I played with clay! And I had so much fun! I cant show you everything I made, cos some of them arent quite finished. I decided to try a bit of sculpture. Now I’m not really that good, but I have fun nonetheless, and I definately think I will try some more of it.
So, what did I make?
Well, I made a pig!

And I made a bead that looks something like a face, with huge lips… which has earned the nickname the ‘Angelina Bead’ thanks to a fabulous online buddie!

Slightly scary, lol!

I also covered an old baby food jar with clay.. its not great, but was an excellent exercise.

And one last thing. I just finished creating a piece for the Seed Bead challenge on the beadingforum dot com dot au, and it includes some polymer. Our theme was ‘Rock Pool’ and the piece had to use only one colour family. I made some ‘rocks’ and some ‘mica shift pools’ and then embroidered around them with lots of seedies. It is the largest seed bead piece I have done, and I am very proud of it.

Hey! Speaking of seed beads, come check out my newest article and tutorial on I did a tutorial on Even Count Peyote.

Ok, next time I will show you some new chainmaille and an experiment in clay.

Makes me feel good.

I’ve been having something of a rough trot lately, I’ve been sick for about a fortnight, and only just starting to get better. I’ve have also been quite drained, especially emotionally. So I took a break from it all last night.
Today I logged back on to the internet and noticed my next article had been posted on, which is always a mood booster. Then I ducked into the forum on ArtFire, and I found a thread started by one of the studios I used a image from. She was really thrilled to see her card being used, and then a few others came in and commented. One of the comments mentioned that I write a good article and I was slightly embarrassed, but also it made me feel a lot better. I think its the recognition.
I am really finding writing for very fulfilling.

On to something else that makes me feel good. A few weeks ago a forum I am a member of, Handmade Artists’ Forum, started a little competition to find a badge for a widget to help promote the site. The badge that I designed actually won! So now I get to see it all over the place. This is what it looks like…

And one more thing that makes me happy… I made this little necklace for the BeadingForum dot com dot au Year of Jewellery weekly challenge. The theme was ‘Cheeky’. It didnt win, but it makes me smile whenever I see it.

Very cheeky, LOL!

First Tutorial!!

I am so excited! My first tutorial has been published on!
I wrote and photographed a ‘Mica Shift’ technique tutorial, mainly because I love doing it. And now it has been published in my column. It is a very cool feeling.
It is really weird, but also very gratifying to see your work published, and I think it is one of the best things about writing for
I am also working with some other fabulous people, not just in the Craft Techniques department, but across the whole of We would love you to drop by and read some of the articles and leave comments. There are new articles published daily, all focusing on handmade.

I will be back soon to show you some of my newest creations, and to let you know what I’ve been writing about.