What day is it?

Do you ever feel like that? Like you are so busy that you cant remember which day you are up to? I feel like that today. It could also have something to do with spending so much time talking to wonderful people in the United States. I am almost at the point of operating on a different timeline..except for the obvious signs of difference..like the sky being dark here when they all say good morning to me! But I am being to realise that I have to think in two time zones, or else I cant let people know when things will happen.
Take for example my articles for handmadenews.org – my articles are published on the site on Saturday and Wednesday… which is more like Sunday and Thursday for me. But it works great with me submitting articles, because if I submit the day it says…like Wednesday..then my editor actually gets it on Tuesday!
Are you as confused as I am right now? Nevermind… I think I have a handle on it! I have it under control.

I’ve also listed some new items in my studio on ArtFire – HaffinaCreations, and my studio (and everyone elses) just got a makeover! We have these brilliant new Fusion Studios. You should really come and have a look.
I have some new Chainmaille pieces sitting on my beading table waiting for me to take photographs of them so I can list them. As soon as I do I will post them here too.. I’m really proud of them.
I think thats all for now..just a quick catch up.
Drop in to HaffinaCreations and see whats new, and drop by the Craft Techniques department of handmadenews.org and say hello!
Til next time.


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