Creative Outlets.

There are times when you wonder if the things you love will ever be more than just a hobby or a pastime or a dream you have. And sometimes it doesnt seem to matter how hard you try you cant get things to go the way you want.
But sometimes it works the other way, and more and more avenues open up to you that allow you to do things you love and feel rewarded. This is what has recently happened to me.
I just earnt an position as a columnist on a new online newspaper with its focus on handmade. is a fabulous venture that showcases and promotes all things handmade. There are lots of different departments, like Business and Inspiration, and of course the department I work in – Craft Techniques. Everyone who contributes does so because they want to help the handmade industry grow and educate everyone on how brilliant handmade really is.
If you ever have a Craft Technique you want me to explore, or you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment.


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