I’ve been slack….

Well no, not really. I’ve been really busy, trying to spread myself very thin! I guess I didnt really get how much work promoting an online shop would be. But I have made some really cool friends. And I have been making stuff as much as possible. I have some excellent polymer beads that I made with one of my sons the other day. Unfortunately I havent finished finishing them, so I havent taken any real photos of them.
But I have got some photos of other things that I have made. I have made a heap of earrings..

Pretty pearl drop earrings with boho gold findings.

Swarovski and glass flower dangles.

Swarovski and glass butterfly dangles.

Swarovski ‘raindrop’ earrings.
Pretty, hey?!
I have made so much stuff recently, mostly to list on Haffina Creations on ArtFire. I’m not going to post pics of it all… could be seriously boring.
However I do want to share two other things with you. Today I made a really cool stretchy boxchain chainmaille bracelet. I love the way it has come out. I am planning to make more in different colours.

Pretty cool isnt it?!
And I havent stopped participating on the Beading Forum, and recently one of the weekly challenges was Las Vegas, and I made a piece I called “Vegas Wedding”. I am really pleased with it.

It didnt win, but that is ok.
And now I am going to plug another artisan.
Pirate Pixie Crew is a fabulous studio on ArtFire, full of fabulous handcrafted items, such as beanies, mittens and purses. Each item is beautifully presented and made to a very high standard.

Green and Blued Flecked Pirate Pixie Hat

Green and Blued Flecked Pirate Pixie Hat

Shades of Blue Hood

Shades of Blue Hood

Awesome items! So drop in and have a good look around the Pirate Pixie Crew studio at the other fabulous items. With winter coming up in Australia it may well be the perfect time to buy something snuggly and warm.

Until I blog again.. stay safe and smile at a stranger.


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