Catfluff on the Crazy Train!

The Crazy Train keeps chugging along, and this time Catfluff is in the driver’s seat! There are some really fabulous items in her studio.. including eco friendly reusable shopping bags, and upcycled products.
Such a fabulous cushion!
Beautiful cat bag!
Great reusable bag!
See what I mean – great items! So get yourself into Catfluff on ArtFire and see more of what’s available!


Bijoux Designs for You on the Crazy Train!!

The Crazy Train continues to roll on, and in the driver’s seat this time we have Bijoux Designs For You. They are a mother and daughter team who produce some wonderful items, including jewellery, mobile charms and wine bottle bags. There are many lovely things to be found in their studio.
A beautiful necklace!
A fabulous bookmark!
A lovely wine bag!
So many gorgeous items. Get yourself into Bijoux Designs For You and help make their trip on the Crazy Train an awesome one!

Wooley Creek rides the Crazy Train!

I’m back with another participant in the Crazy Train promotion on ArtFire. This time round it is Wooley Creek Tribal and Ethnic Jewellery. The items offered in this ArtFire studio are really amazing, especially the jewellery.. and most especially the fabulous beaded earrings. Here is just a little taste of what is available.
There is much more to see in the studio, so get yourself into Wooley Creek Tribal and Ethnic Jewellery and see what I mean!

This one’s about me!!

I’ve done a lot of blogs lately about other fabulous Artisans.. and not so many about me. But I have been making some awesome things lately..even if I do say so myself!
So I have some things to show..not everything I’ve made recently.. there is a lot of it. But I will share some of them.. all of which are available through my ArtFire is just over there on the right.
So I played with some polymer clay.. and decided to add some Swarovski bling to plain coloured metallic clay. What resulted was some great earrings and pendants.

Red heart earrings with crystal Swarovski flatbacks.

Bronzy polymer clay pendant with jet Swarovski flatback.
There are several more of these sort of things in my ArtFire studio.
In the last couple of days I have been making some awesome chainmaille pieces..mainly bracelets..mostly stretchy claspless bracelets using rubber rings and anodised aluminium rings.

Pink and white stretchy half persian.

Red and black Japanese flower earrings.

Pink Gridbox weave with one of my polymer clay beads.

Purple and white stretchy Gridbox weave.
Pretty awesome hey? If you’d like to see the rest come and look in my ArtFire studio – HaffinaCreations.
Now I’m going to go make some more things. Cya!

SilverRiverJewelry on the Crazy Train!

A few weeks ago I got the pleasure of doing a feature on my other blog of the fabulous SilverRiverJewelry studio on ArtFire. If you want to read it, click here. There are some absolutely awesome pieces of jewellery to be found in this studio.. very much worth a look.. especially to see items like this..
and this..
and this..
So what are you waiting for? Get in to SilverRiverJewelry and buy some fabulous handmade!

DjStoreRoom on the Crazy Train!

DjStoreRoom is riding the Crazy Train on ArtFire for the next two days. She has some really cool stuff in her studio. Well worth a visit to see things like..

So come in and check out DjStoreRoom on ArtFire.. and make her ride on the Crazy Train an absolute blast!

Amazing stuff!

Did you ever come across something that made you think “WOW!! What a fabulous idea!” ? Well I did. As part of our ArtFire crazy train promotion I was introduced to the awesome work of 3zArt She makes the most incredible decor objects. Her items include
Switch plates like this..

Mouse pads like this…

Lamp Shades like this…

And coasters like this..

Seriously.. when I build my dream house I am getting 3zArt to make all my light socket covers and switch plates and lamp shades… heck I might even start collecting them now! 3zArt will even custom make items for you. Get in there and look at all the amazing items there are will not regret it!
3zArt on ArtFire.. well worth a look.