I made new things!

I finally had a chance to finish some things off.
I recently purchased some anodized niobium jumprings from Aussiemaille and decided to try doing a Turkish Roundmaille weave. The rings I had were a in three different purple tones, so I mixed them all together to make a mottled blend. I had a few rings left after making a bracelet, so I made a pair of matching earrings too. I added some Swarovskis for sparkle on the earrings. I had some niobium eyepins and ear hooks, so I used those. And I had also purchased a niobium toggle which I used on the bracelet.. so I ended up with a set that is completely Anodized Niobium.. except for a few Swarovskis.

I have also been making some more Polymer Clay beads. These took me a bit longer.. so much to do and no time to finish the sanding and buffing. But today I did manage to finish that job.. and got to try out the new buffing heads for my Dremel. Huge difference that makes I can tell you.. and much better finish on the beads IMO. I have made a few things from these beads.. but it was too dark by the time I finished for me to take decent photos… so that will have to wait for another day.

I am really happy how these turned out, and even happier how the pieces I have made have turned out.
Dont forget to check my other blog .. Haffina Creations on Blogspot .. I will be featuring other ArtFire artisans there, as well as updates on how my ArtFire studio is doing.
Dont miss the next instalment.. I will show off the creations from my polymer beads.


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