Not enough hours!

There are simply not enough hours in the day for me to do all the things I want..or need… to do. I ahve so many creative ideas buzzing around in my head.. but not the time to do them. I started making some polymer beads a week ago. They have been cooked… but only about four of them have been sanded and buffed… I still have about 30 to go!
I have managed to make a couple of new things, in between listing lots of things in my ArtFire studio.
I had a fabulous purple polymer clay cabochon that I made a few weeks back.. and it was just begging to be wire wrapped. So that is what I did.. in purple artistic wire.

I love how it turned out. I added a few Swarovski bicones for an extra bit of sparkle.
I also had some ‘brain cane’ beads left.. so I made up a bracelet and earrings set with a few pearls in grey, black and maroon. These were the tiniest polymer beads I made.. very tricky to sand and buff things this small.. something to remember for the future.

Both of these are in Haffina Creations on ArtFire.
I am expecting a big beadie order in the next day or so.. including some more polymer clay.. so hopefully soon I will have some new things to show off.
I am also right in the middle of making a Turkish Roundmaille bracelet in anodized niobium. I bought my first lot of rings (usually I cut them myself) in a lovely range of purples. I have to say I am really enjoying working with properly cut rings.. they are much easier to close cleanly. The Turkish Roundmaille has been somewhat more problematic. I ‘get’ the weave, but also find I can easily make mistakes if Im not paying attention properly.. which has meant I have undone quite a bit. I have three different tones of purple and when I first started the bracelet I was only using one shade.. then I decided to mix them together.. which meant I had to undo what I had already done.. which was about 3 inches. Proper planning probably would have helped. But it does look very funky.. and if I have enough rings left I think I will make a pair of earrings, especially as I have some niobium earwires I can use for them.
Hopefully I will get more time to create over the next few days… need to clear some of the ideas from my head to make space for new ones.


One Response to “Not enough hours!”

  1. Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor Says:

    I love the combination of the purple wire with the purple polymer cab. Very pretty!

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