New store! And new things!

So i mentioned I was getting addicted to clay… well I have made heaps recently. And all those beadies have begun to be made into jewellery. And I have been so excited that I decided to open another store. I already have one – care of my fabulous bossette on Alundra’s Conundrum. She opened a store for me called.. you guessed it.. Haffina Creations Its been wonderful.. fabulous exposure.. but I thought I would push things along a bit.. so I opened a studio on ArtFire. So now I called the studio.. you guessed it … Haffina Creations I only have a few items up so far.. but it is a fabulous opportunity to get my work out there.. and to meet other like minded individuals. Everyone there seems really nice so far.
So I have some new things I have made out of my own beads.. so here we go…

Black and white polymer clay beads, with silver stardust beads, black Swarovski bicones and black glass pearls.

Geometrically shaped polymer beads with yellow glass pearls, milky cubes and black faceted rounds.

Polymer clay ‘brain cane’ beads with maroon glass pearls and black and grey cubes.

Squarish polymer clay ‘brain cane’ beads with black and maroon glass pearls and green stone rondelles.

Caramel toned polymer clay beads with amber glass flowers, gold stardust beads and Czech firepolished crystals.

Purple flower cane polymer beads with turquoise catseye and teal Czech firepolished crystals.
All of these are available, except the first one, are available in the new Artfire studio.
I also finished two matching sets for a friend.. she wanted them for her twin daughters.

And lastly.. but by no means leastly.. we have a seedbead challenge happening on the Beading Forum , where we have to come up with an idea for a Dutch spiral with a Dutch inspiration. I have another project in the works for it.. but my first piece is inspired by Dutch stroopwafels – which are caramel syrup waffles. It includes a few of my ‘caramel’ polymer beads…

Hopefully I will get my other piece finished in time.. it is very different to this one.
Well.. until next time …


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