Something new to play with…

I decided to give polymer clay a go recently… needed to make something to go with a piece for a challenge on the beading forum I am a member of… Beading Forum And then the ‘Clay Play’ area set a monthly challenge to make something called a ‘brain cane’ They are supposed to be pretty easy to make… but I soon realised I would have to do it the hard way.. I dont have a pasta machine..which makes the rolling out process much more labour intensive… and I also didnt have any white clay. But I went ahead anyway… And I made something in a similar vein to a ‘brain cane’, although I’m not sure it could quite be called one. Then I made a different one.. which was even more different.. as I didnt have any black clay left… and ended up with something that a couple of people have commented made them think of caramels. So I made up some items with some of the beads… still have a whole heap left… I seriously have heaps of beadies from a relatively small amount of clay. Pictures might help at this point…

These were some of the first out of the oven… and I over cooked them a little… they have ‘browned’ a bit. This was also before I varnished them…some people polish them up..but after a bit of a go at that I realised I hadnt made the clay smooth enough before baking for that to be a realistic proposition.

These are the first of the ones I like to think of as the ‘Neon Brains’
I also made some cabochons… cos I love them…

I really like the way they turned out.
So I made some earrings, and a couple of bracelets and a necklace.. in order to show off some of the product of my labour..

Neon brain necklace with heart pendant, pink crackle beads and black Swarovskis.

These two are sort of a set… finished with crystal facetted rounds.

This is the one which has drawn references to caramels.

These are some earrings made with the neon brain beads.
But before I made the brain canes I made a few other things…including some cool purple and orange beads which I made into a funky bracelet with orange catseye and purple spiderweb beads…

This would be one of my favs.. but I seriously enjoyed making all of them… so much so that I ordered some more clay and I have plans to get a cheap pasta machine…so keep your eyes out for more polymer creations from me.


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