I made new things!

I finally had a chance to finish some things off.
I recently purchased some anodized niobium jumprings from Aussiemaille and decided to try doing a Turkish Roundmaille weave. The rings I had were a in three different purple tones, so I mixed them all together to make a mottled blend. I had a few rings left after making a bracelet, so I made a pair of matching earrings too. I added some Swarovskis for sparkle on the earrings. I had some niobium eyepins and ear hooks, so I used those. And I had also purchased a niobium toggle which I used on the bracelet.. so I ended up with a set that is completely Anodized Niobium.. except for a few Swarovskis.

I have also been making some more Polymer Clay beads. These took me a bit longer.. so much to do and no time to finish the sanding and buffing. But today I did manage to finish that job.. and got to try out the new buffing heads for my Dremel. Huge difference that makes I can tell you.. and much better finish on the beads IMO. I have made a few things from these beads.. but it was too dark by the time I finished for me to take decent photos… so that will have to wait for another day.

I am really happy how these turned out, and even happier how the pieces I have made have turned out.
Dont forget to check my other blog .. Haffina Creations on Blogspot .. I will be featuring other ArtFire artisans there, as well as updates on how my ArtFire studio is doing.
Dont miss the next instalment.. I will show off the creations from my polymer beads.


Not enough hours!

There are simply not enough hours in the day for me to do all the things I want..or need… to do. I ahve so many creative ideas buzzing around in my head.. but not the time to do them. I started making some polymer beads a week ago. They have been cooked… but only about four of them have been sanded and buffed… I still have about 30 to go!
I have managed to make a couple of new things, in between listing lots of things in my ArtFire studio.
I had a fabulous purple polymer clay cabochon that I made a few weeks back.. and it was just begging to be wire wrapped. So that is what I did.. in purple artistic wire.

I love how it turned out. I added a few Swarovski bicones for an extra bit of sparkle.
I also had some ‘brain cane’ beads left.. so I made up a bracelet and earrings set with a few pearls in grey, black and maroon. These were the tiniest polymer beads I made.. very tricky to sand and buff things this small.. something to remember for the future.

Both of these are in Haffina Creations on ArtFire.
I am expecting a big beadie order in the next day or so.. including some more polymer clay.. so hopefully soon I will have some new things to show off.
I am also right in the middle of making a Turkish Roundmaille bracelet in anodized niobium. I bought my first lot of rings (usually I cut them myself) in a lovely range of purples. I have to say I am really enjoying working with properly cut rings.. they are much easier to close cleanly. The Turkish Roundmaille has been somewhat more problematic. I ‘get’ the weave, but also find I can easily make mistakes if Im not paying attention properly.. which has meant I have undone quite a bit. I have three different tones of purple and when I first started the bracelet I was only using one shade.. then I decided to mix them together.. which meant I had to undo what I had already done.. which was about 3 inches. Proper planning probably would have helped. But it does look very funky.. and if I have enough rings left I think I will make a pair of earrings, especially as I have some niobium earwires I can use for them.
Hopefully I will get more time to create over the next few days… need to clear some of the ideas from my head to make space for new ones.

Getting it out there.

I have really started trying to get my work out there… so other people can see it and enjoy it.. and hopefully..buy some of it. So I joined a fabulous site called byhand.me. They give handmade artisans an outlet to promote themselves and other handmade artisans. And you can do these really cool spotlights, especially of the work of others… and they link to the items in the artisan’s shop/s. So I did one of my things on ArtFire… and one on some of the other great artisans from Australia on ArtFire.

How cool is that?!

I was going to show you the spotlights… but I cant get it work.. 😦

Edit: It would appear that it doesnt like viewers other than the flickr one over there —->

New store! And new things!

So i mentioned I was getting addicted to clay… well I have made heaps recently. And all those beadies have begun to be made into jewellery. And I have been so excited that I decided to open another store. I already have one – care of my fabulous bossette on Alundra’s Conundrum. She opened a store for me called.. you guessed it.. Haffina Creations Its been wonderful.. fabulous exposure.. but I thought I would push things along a bit.. so I opened a studio on ArtFire. So now I called the studio.. you guessed it … Haffina Creations I only have a few items up so far.. but it is a fabulous opportunity to get my work out there.. and to meet other like minded individuals. Everyone there seems really nice so far.
So I have some new things I have made out of my own beads.. so here we go…

Black and white polymer clay beads, with silver stardust beads, black Swarovski bicones and black glass pearls.

Geometrically shaped polymer beads with yellow glass pearls, milky cubes and black faceted rounds.

Polymer clay ‘brain cane’ beads with maroon glass pearls and black and grey cubes.

Squarish polymer clay ‘brain cane’ beads with black and maroon glass pearls and green stone rondelles.

Caramel toned polymer clay beads with amber glass flowers, gold stardust beads and Czech firepolished crystals.

Purple flower cane polymer beads with turquoise catseye and teal Czech firepolished crystals.
All of these are available, except the first one, are available in the new Artfire studio.
I also finished two matching sets for a friend.. she wanted them for her twin daughters.

And lastly.. but by no means leastly.. we have a seedbead challenge happening on the Beading Forum , where we have to come up with an idea for a Dutch spiral with a Dutch inspiration. I have another project in the works for it.. but my first piece is inspired by Dutch stroopwafels – which are caramel syrup waffles. It includes a few of my ‘caramel’ polymer beads…

Hopefully I will get my other piece finished in time.. it is very different to this one.
Well.. until next time …

Amazing clay!

I have really got into clay… I’m addicted.. it’s amazing stuff. There is so much you can do with it.. and its fairly easy too. I made some more brain canes….

The beads I made with these werent that good really…. and they are mostly sitting unphotgraphed. But I made one cab I quite like..

Then I decided to try something different… namely flower canes… with the main idea to make some beads for a friend for a set of prayer beads. So I made some really cool (in my opinion) flower canes… and then oodles of beads.

The canes themselves

Some of the beadies before cooking them.
Then my lovely friend came around and help me finish sanding and buffing my beadies. So I now have lots of handmade cabs…

I put together one necklace with lots of swarovski crystals and glass pearls…

And I also put together the prayer beads for my friend… she barely let me photograph them… suffice it to say.. she was very happy.

Something new to play with…

I decided to give polymer clay a go recently… needed to make something to go with a piece for a challenge on the beading forum I am a member of… Beading Forum And then the ‘Clay Play’ area set a monthly challenge to make something called a ‘brain cane’ They are supposed to be pretty easy to make… but I soon realised I would have to do it the hard way.. I dont have a pasta machine..which makes the rolling out process much more labour intensive… and I also didnt have any white clay. But I went ahead anyway… And I made something in a similar vein to a ‘brain cane’, although I’m not sure it could quite be called one. Then I made a different one.. which was even more different.. as I didnt have any black clay left… and ended up with something that a couple of people have commented made them think of caramels. So I made up some items with some of the beads… still have a whole heap left… I seriously have heaps of beadies from a relatively small amount of clay. Pictures might help at this point…

These were some of the first out of the oven… and I over cooked them a little… they have ‘browned’ a bit. This was also before I varnished them…some people polish them up..but after a bit of a go at that I realised I hadnt made the clay smooth enough before baking for that to be a realistic proposition.

These are the first of the ones I like to think of as the ‘Neon Brains’
I also made some cabochons… cos I love them…

I really like the way they turned out.
So I made some earrings, and a couple of bracelets and a necklace.. in order to show off some of the product of my labour..

Neon brain necklace with heart pendant, pink crackle beads and black Swarovskis.

These two are sort of a set… finished with crystal facetted rounds.

This is the one which has drawn references to caramels.

These are some earrings made with the neon brain beads.
But before I made the brain canes I made a few other things…including some cool purple and orange beads which I made into a funky bracelet with orange catseye and purple spiderweb beads…

This would be one of my favs.. but I seriously enjoyed making all of them… so much so that I ordered some more clay and I have plans to get a cheap pasta machine…so keep your eyes out for more polymer creations from me.