Tiny things and good news.

I love chainmaille.. the way simple rings can become such amazing jewellery items. I’ve made a few things.. and looked at lots of sites with chainmaille on them..and a few times I have seen rings..made with little rings. So I began to wonder if I could make myself a ring. I decided to start pretty simply.. with a European 4 in 1 weave. I made some 2mm ID 22 gauge rings from silver wire and got to work. And I found I could do it. So I decided to challenge myself a bit… and I made some 1.5mm ID rings from 26 gauge purple wire and made a Byzantine chain… then joined it into a ring. This a pic of one of these tiny rings on my finger..

And here are the finished products..both on my hand and next to a 5c piece for comparison…

I also got my first picture published in a beading magazine in the reader’s gallery… not the hugest accomplishment… but a huge boost for me. The piece that was shown is this one…

I sent the photo in a few months ago…and had pretty much forgotten about it. It wasnt until I read the magazine late at night that I found out. It is a piece that I made quite some time ago.. and I havent made anything like it recently… only the other ones in the same style that I made at the same time.. such as…




A couple of these are available for sale at my little shop
Haffina Creations on Alundra’s Conundrum
Looking at these makes me think I should make something new like this… stay tuned. 🙂


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