Tiny things and good news.

I love chainmaille.. the way simple rings can become such amazing jewellery items. I’ve made a few things.. and looked at lots of sites with chainmaille on them..and a few times I have seen rings..made with little rings. So I began to wonder if I could make myself a ring. I decided to start pretty simply.. with a European 4 in 1 weave. I made some 2mm ID 22 gauge rings from silver wire and got to work. And I found I could do it. So I decided to challenge myself a bit… and I made some 1.5mm ID rings from 26 gauge purple wire and made a Byzantine chain… then joined it into a ring. This a pic of one of these tiny rings on my finger..

And here are the finished products..both on my hand and next to a 5c piece for comparison…

I also got my first picture published in a beading magazine in the reader’s gallery… not the hugest accomplishment… but a huge boost for me. The piece that was shown is this one…

I sent the photo in a few months ago…and had pretty much forgotten about it. It wasnt until I read the magazine late at night that I found out. It is a piece that I made quite some time ago.. and I havent made anything like it recently… only the other ones in the same style that I made at the same time.. such as…




A couple of these are available for sale at my little shop
Haffina Creations on Alundra’s Conundrum
Looking at these makes me think I should make something new like this… stay tuned. 🙂


Simple … and not so simple.

sometimes when I get creative I want to make something simple.. sometimes I like to challenge myself. And I have done both recently.
On the simple side.. a basic necklace..using some gorgeous components.. fabulous pink spotted black lampies and a pink foil lined heart.. complimented with mauve glass pearls, silver stardust beads (so gorgeous) and pink and black Swarovskis. Simple but effective.

Also simple but effective.. fabulous Tania Black artisan lampwork beads in lovely tones of purple and blue.. mixed with AB amethyst Swarovskis and chainmaille rosettes made with baby blue artistic wire, finished with a funky silver toggle.

On to the not so simple…
I have been fiddling with some more chainmaille.. I am frankly addicted. Such wonderful things can be made with rings.
I conquered Half Persian 4 in 1.. and created a two toned set.. in silver and gold

as well as a silver bracelet…

I then moved on to a Japanese 12 in 2, using rubber rings with orchid artistic wire and silver artistic wire. The result was a reversible claspless (the rubber rings are stretchy) bracelet and a keychain with the left overs…

Keychain is reversible too.
I’ve also been playing with seed beads too..attempting a Cellini spiral..or two.
My first attempt at this spiral produced a necklace..for which I had to make earrings..

And then I thought I would make a bracelet in Cellini spiral using some fabulous magatamas I had..only this time I decided to reverse the spiral in the middle..easy said than done..but it worked in the end…

I am just starting work on a bead embroidery Mandala.. which will no doubt take a little while..its fairly big.. and I have some Dragonscale chainmaille in the works too… but I am always looking for new inspirations, new challenges…

Watch this!

My lovely Avon lady recently commissioned a spiral rope necklace from me…this one….

She loved it..so much so that she asked me to make some watch bands for a watch face she had…watch faces are great..as you can create multiple looks without having to buy lots of watches.  Follow this link to see the sort of watchfaces Im talking about – http://www.polymerclay.com.au/watch-faces-silver-watches-c-399_583.html?osCsid=323d1de27d12e7cd0b0e00b5038464df  So I made a few different designs…she requested something in a red particularly..but I know she likes autumnal tones..so I did a few different colours.

This one is Lampwork beads with gold glass pearls and gold foil lined glass beads.

This one features red and white lampwork beads with silver barrel beads.

This one is orange catseye, red aventrine and orange crackle beads.

This one is Tigerseye, brown glass pearls and amber coloured glass beads.

This one has millefiori beads with brown and red spiderweb beads.

I made one other one… with muted red rounded rectangles and silver beads… but forgot to photograph it before my Avon lady bought it. And she wants all the rest as well! I was only expecting her to want one or two…so Im thrilled she wanted them all.

Today I also completed another beaded cab..using Blue Goldstone. It can be hard to find seedies to work with it well..its a very dark blue with speckles in it. But I bought some fabulous 8/0 seedies from Cranberry http://www.cranberry.net.au/store/product_info.php?cPath=29_64&products_id=1912&osCsid=o7evnq4j0g28vc8hk0tch6jnn0 and they worked really well… helped by the fact I had some 11/0 Delicas in a similar colour and some cubes with a similar finish. I finished it off with some purple iris magatamas. I really pleased with how it turned out.

I love it when the creative urge works 😀