Creative explosion.

The last two days have been like a creative explosion. I have made several pieces… including three wired cabs.

This one is done around a rock from the backyard that my boys found. I used amber and copper artistic wire, with a few czech crystals.

This one is quite tiny, wrapped with copper artistic wire, with a few gold czech crystals.

This one was an idea I had whilst trying to go to sleep. I had this white ‘rock’ in my room for years, one of my knick knacks. I wrapped it with silver plated copper wire. It is quite large in comparison with the one above it.

As you can see..a large difference.

I also made some earrings with some really cool blingy bits I picked up at Spotlight last week.

Red briolettes with red crystal bicones and silver stardust beads. Very glam!

Pink flowers with pink crystal bicones and pink czech pearls. Very pretty!

Bluish butterflies with purple spiderweb beads and cobalt czech firepolished crystals.  Very cool!

And the last piece I made in the last two days is probably the one I am most proud of. It is a beaded cab pendant, with two cabs. One is Green Aventrine…the other I am not sure what it is..but its greenish in tone. The beading is done with Miyuki Delicas, a few 15/o Millhills and 8/o Millhills, and finished with Miyuki magatamas (drops), hung from a matching spiral rope.

I love that I have felt so creative over the last few days. And I am really pleased with the outcome.


One Response to “Creative explosion.”

  1. Sherry Says:

    I love your work. That last one…awesome!!! Made me think of scarabs from eygpt. I love green aventurine…I am into crystals and I have a large green aventurine heart and I can just imagine what awesome wrapping you could do with that. And your beading work is so neat and clean. You should be proud, your really good!

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