Creative explosion.

The last two days have been like a creative explosion. I have made several pieces… including three wired cabs.

This one is done around a rock from the backyard that my boys found. I used amber and copper artistic wire, with a few czech crystals.

This one is quite tiny, wrapped with copper artistic wire, with a few gold czech crystals.

This one was an idea I had whilst trying to go to sleep. I had this white ‘rock’ in my room for years, one of my knick knacks. I wrapped it with silver plated copper wire. It is quite large in comparison with the one above it.

As you can see..a large difference.

I also made some earrings with some really cool blingy bits I picked up at Spotlight last week.

Red briolettes with red crystal bicones and silver stardust beads. Very glam!

Pink flowers with pink crystal bicones and pink czech pearls. Very pretty!

Bluish butterflies with purple spiderweb beads and cobalt czech firepolished crystals.  Very cool!

And the last piece I made in the last two days is probably the one I am most proud of. It is a beaded cab pendant, with two cabs. One is Green Aventrine…the other I am not sure what it is..but its greenish in tone. The beading is done with Miyuki Delicas, a few 15/o Millhills and 8/o Millhills, and finished with Miyuki magatamas (drops), hung from a matching spiral rope.

I love that I have felt so creative over the last few days. And I am really pleased with the outcome.


Familial appreciation

I have interesting children. Most of them are male children..4 of them. Only one is a female. And I make jewellery. Let’s face it..most jewellery that is made is aimed at females. I do try to make male orientated jewellery.. I have lots of male friends and relatives. I have recently started doing bead embroidery.. around cabs and buttons. One of my male offspring..the eldest (of twins) decided he loved the look of them and asked for one of his own. I was a little surprised..although not greatly..he has an artistic temperament.. and a fascination for ‘feminine’ things. He chose a couple of buttons in his favourite colour..and agreed on a colour scheme. This is the end result…

I hung it quite simply..on a piece of leather. He is absolutely chuffed..and has worn it since I finished it. It is nice to have some familial appreciation for my creations.

Who knew..?

Who knew that grey could be so amazing and elegant? Usually when I think of grey I think of school uniforms and how dull and boring they are. But recently I have completed some pieces in grey tones and they look amazing and elegant and really classy.

I did this one when I was making Christmas Presents.. and I was really amazed at how great it looked. One of my sister in law’s relatives is now in possession of this one.

I then did a sort of remake of the above.. expressly as a gift for my bossette.. she loved the original.. so I made her one of her own.

Then on the beading forum I frequent .. beadingforum dot com dot au .. we have a weekly challenge..each week a new theme..and this weeks was ‘Shades of Grey’ … so I posted the first pic..and then got this idea for one of the buttons that was sitting on my beading table. The following is the result and has become my second entry in the weekly challenge.

Its hard to see in the pic..but the cab in the middle is a shiny swirly grey button. I beaded around it with delicas and toho seedies in grey tones, then with grey pearls and also included a few grey toned and silver czech firepolished beads.

So it turns out that grey can look really classy and elegant and doesnt have to look boring or dull. =D

A new day, a new place to blog.

I thought I would start a new blog, separate from the one on Alundra’s Conundrum.

Not because I dont like blogging there..cos I love to. But this blog is just going to be about my jewellery and things. A purely creative blog,firstwiredcab containing nothing but stuff about beads and wire and pretty things =D